Our Mission

Thought leaders are alarmed at the current status of the world given the unsustainable direction in which humankind is moving. Discourses of existential challenges stemming from population explosion, climate change and depletion of resources unnerve masses. A drastic check is needed to course correct the direction of humankind.

Equality 0f Humankind

It is a self-evident Truth that all Men are born equal.

Inalienable Rights

All human beings possess certain basic inalienable rights

Freedom of choice with accountability

Freedom of Choice must be ensured.

Importance of moral laws

Just like there are physical laws ruling the Universe,

Intellectual Evolution

Humankind has evolved through a long process


Values of the Age of Reason and Rationalism must

Faculty of Mind

Human brain is the acme of Evolution.

High Cost of Life

Nature has endowed life with an extremely high value

Sex + Violance

The “Wall Street Syndrome” based on extortive

Pardigm Shift in Laws

Technology is driving us inexorably towards globalization,

Justice with Compassion

The absolute requirement of Justice for all,


Meritocracy to hold supreme. No undue favors

Welfare + Capitalisim

Need for a welfare state is almost obvious,

Disparity of economic classes

Need for an economic balance in society.

Rules of War

War may be allowed to the aggrieved when peaceful means fail,

Nothing but the true

The fundamental requirement of speaking the Truth

Trustee vs Owner

Humans undoubtedly have been endowed

Competition with Cooperation

Competition is the essence of Life but it must be mixed

Outdated Nationalism

Nationalism has outlived its usefulness,

Inclusion & Consultation

As Churchill stated, Democracy has its weaknesses